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NOTE:  All courses will be private, individualized instruction on Zoom.  The pace of instruction will be geared to each student with skills reviews added as needed.  All course materials will be provided – printed and mailed.  

Math Courses

Middle Grades Math (6th/7th), Pre-Algebra (8th/9th), Algebra I, Geometry/Trig, Algebra II, Algebra II/Trig, Advanced Algebraic Functions/Trig, Pre-Calculus, Trades (Tech) Math

(Additional courses available upon request.)

  • All courses are private lecture and hybrid, using Pearson Education MathXL for School.  
  • Lecture notes, formula sheets, examples, and solutions included – printed and mailed.

Tuition:  $400   (Payment arrangements available upon request.) 

Course Schedule:  20+ course sessions:  start any time.  Math courses are paced for the individual student’s needs but must be completed within 6 months.    

Test Prep Courses 

ACT, SAT, PSAT, SSAT, ASVAB, Accuplacer, Praxis, GED, TEAS, GRE, etc.

  • Private, individualized instruction with personalized content and focus. 
  • All instructional materials and practice tests included – printed and mailed.

Tuition:  $250 for 10 prep course sessions, $400 for 20 prep course sessions 

Course Schedule:  start any time, flexible start/end 

Discounts:  $50 2nd course discount, sibling discount (Only 1 discount per student.)


Tuition Payments:  Email me to register for a course.  Invoice will be emailed through the Study Hall scheduling website.  Tuition payments are accepted by mail or online - credit/debit/PayPal.  No refunds.


New Students:  Register as a Study Hall student at

For more information, email or call 828-697-9898.